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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Greek Study of Matthew 24:36-44

Greek Study Matthew 24:36-44
οιδεν (οιδα) perf. "[no one] knows" perfect here is best expressed in the present tense.
της ημερας (α) gen. "[that] day
ουδε ..... ουδε "neither [the angels in heaven] nor" - comparative construction.
ο υιος "the Son" (missing in some manuscripts) 
ει μη "except [the Father alone]

v37 ωσπερ ..... ουτως "just as ..... so also” comparative construction between the days of Noah and the days of the Son of Man. In both people were caught up in their daily life when faced by unexpected divine judgment.
του Νωε gen. [the days] Noah was alive
η παρουσια (α) "the coming" a word is best understood as a divine appearing in judgment; e.g. the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a "coming".
του υιου του ανθρωπου (ος) gen. "of the Son of Man"

v38 τρωγοντες (τινω) part. "eating" literally “eating noisily

v39 ουκ εγνωσαν (γινωσκω) aor. "they knew nothing" were unaware, suspected nothing.
ηρεν (αιρω) aor. "took" - took up απαντας (απασ) adj. "them all
η παρουσια του υιϑου του ανθρωπου "the coming of the Son of Man" – 
παραλαμβανεται (παραλαμβανω) pres. "will be taken" - futuristic present. It is interesting how we automatically assume that the person is taken to heaven but of course, the one "taken" may be the one "swept away". 

v41 αληθουσαι (αληθω) pres. part. "[two women] will be grinding" - [two] grinding. 

v42 γρηγορειτε (γρηγορεω) imp. "watch" a figurative meaning be prepared
οτι "because" introducing a causal clause explaining why one should keep watch.
ποια ημερα (α) dat. "on what day" dative of time which may be properly translated "you do not know when the Lord is coming."  
v43 γινωσκετε (γινωσκω) pres. imp. "understand [this]" an emphatic imperative, "keep this in mind"
ποια φυλακη dat. "at what time of night watch" the night watch consists of blocks of three hours.
διορυχθηναι (διορυσσω) aor. pas. inf. "be broken into" actually to be dug through, or broken though like digging through a mud brick wall. 

v44 δια τουτο "so" ετοιμοι adj. "you must be ready

οτι "because" ωρα (α) "at an hour" you are not expecting he will come!

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